Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ultimate Ork Afk Training[Defense]

So you want 99 Def huh? And you're lazy right? Well Good, Cause here is the ultimate defense training guide where you can sit back and watch your levels climb up.

Ork Training Guide AFK
Afking Ork Guide

Decent Combat Level
Holy Symbol/Unholy Symbol
Saradomin/Zamorak Cape
Ring of Life
Tele Tab
and Some food

Getting There:Well By now you should all know how to get to the god wars dungeon. So either Tele to Trollheim and enter the dungeon or make that long walk and enter the dungeon. When In the Dungeon Run Near the Bandos Part of the GWD and Stand where I am in the picture with the Orks lined up like so.
The Spot:
Runescape Afking Orks Guide

Now that you're There you can stay until your guthans dies. *Special Tip: If you're on a loot share world you can leave for hours and you will not log out or get randoms. BUT BE CAREFUL PEOPLE LIKE TO LURE ALL THE ORKS ONTO AT ONCE WHICH COULD KILL YOU.(Thats what the Ring of Life is for BTW) You can make changes to the inventory. Bring more super pots food or whatever you feel you need. ---Another Guide Brought to you by Sit back and Enjoy Getting your 99 DEF Cape =P

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