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A Fairy Tale Part III-Battle at Orks Rift Quest Guide

A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift Quest Guide
Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes

* 2 quest points
* 11,000 Farming experience
* 11,000 Thieving experience
* 11,000 Magic experience
* 1,000 Summoning experience
* 1,000 Crafting experience
* Magic watering can
* Free access to Zanaris market
* Ability to use the Fairy ring network without a Dramen or Lunar staff
* Hidden rewards - found in Extra Info at bottom of page


Use any fairy ring and speak to Fairy Very Wise.
Needed skills:

* 59 Magic
* 54 Farming
* 51 Thieving
* 37 Summoning
* 36 Crafting
* Ability to defeat a level 180 foe

Needed quests:

* A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen
* Wolf Whistle

Needed items:

* A Dramen or Lunar Staff
* A bucket or a bucket of milk
* Good armour and weapon
* Good food

A Plea For Help

1. Use any fairy ring and your teleport will be interrupted and instead you arrive at the Sparse Plane. Fairy Very Wise then asks you to help the fairies reclaim Zanaris from the orks. She will then offer you a one time teleport to Resistance HQ. Accept it and go further into the HQ to speak to the Fairy Queen.

2. Speak to the Fairy Queen and she will ask for your help. Once you’ve accepted she’ll direct you to the Tooth Fairy. Now turn on the projector to the east of the map table to learn about tooth magic. The Tooth Fairy can be questioned for more details. After speaking to her again, turn on the projector receive your briefing.

3. The Tooth Fairy needs you to retrieve her wand from her house. To do this you must first make a tooth extractor by using a hammer with a pair of secateurs. Both the hammer and secateurs can be found on top of the crates in the depot northwest of the Tooth Fairy.

4. Use the fairy ring to return to Zanaris and then go northwest to find the Tooth Fairy’s house. It is the house just north of the bank with Gnarly inside. Use the tooth extractor with the door to pick the lock, then go inside. Talk to Gnarly and keep on praising him until he asks for milk. If you only brought a bucket there is a dairy cow just east of the wheat field. Give him the milk then pick him up so he can take the want to the Tooth Fairy. To get back to the Tooth Fairy use the fairy rings AIR, DLR, DJQ and AJS in that order.

A Toothy Affair

5. Speak to the Tooth Fairy to give her Gnarly and her wand and then turn on the projector to receive another briefing. For this mission you’ll need to extract a tooth from each of the three ork generals. But first you must have a tooth replaced and receive a dossier containing information about the whereabouts of the generals. Stand on the yellow flowers south of the Tooth Fairy and wave to let her know you’re ready to have your tooth replaced.

6. Now you must find the three generals and extract a tooth from each.

* General Bre’egth can be found just north of the fairy ring in Zanaris, by the windmill. Ask her what’s happened to her mouth and she will tell you that she lost it in a battle with K’Chunk. Speak to any of the normal orks and ask them about K’Chunk and they’ll reveal that they forced him through one of the fairy rings. Speak to Fairy Fixit by the fairy ring and she will tell you he went through the DIP fairy ring. Use the fairy ring DIP and then ask K’Chunk about the tooth he knocked out to find out where he’s keeping it. Now pickpocket him to receive the tooth.

* General Gromblod can be found in the Enchanted Valley, accessed by the fairy ring BKQ. Try to speak to him but he won’t tell you anything. Speak to either the Wood Dryad or the centaurs about Gromblod and then speak to Gromblod again. He tells you that he’s looking for mangos. Speak to the Wood Dryad and she will cast a spell allowing you to use the fairy ring to the Mango trees. Use the code CLR to get to the Mango tree and pick a mango. Now return to the Enchanted Valley. Give the mango to Gromblod who will lose one of his teeth as he bites into it causing him to throw the mango away. The mango can be found in the ground to the south. Use the tooth extractor on it to receive the tooth.

* General Shredflesh can be found in the Gu’Tanoth area, accessed by the fairy ring ALP. Ask him if you can help with anything then choose all the options in order. Convince him that it won’t hurt much to get his tooth pulled out and once his convinced use the tooth extractor on him to get his tooth. Now return to the Tooth Fairy.

The Final Battle

7. Speak to the tooth fairy and she’ll have another briefing for you. Turn on the projector to watch the instructions for the final battle. Now prepare for the battle. The following items are needed:

* Fairy Wand (acts as a dramen or lunar staff)
* The three teeth from the generals

Suggested Items:

* Good armour and weapon
* Good food
* Prayer potions
* A familiar to hold extra food and potions
* A teleport

8. Once ready, use the fairy codes BIR, DIP, CLR and ALP. Look through the fairy tree and then speak to the tooth fairy who’ll explain what you have to do. Now squeeze through the fairy tree. Put on the Protect from Melee prayer and then plant the teeth in the farming patches in the southern end of the room. Now focus on killing the orks and generals. Occasionally one of the generals will attack the farming patches but this can be prevented by attacking the general. If the attack damages the patch, wield the fairy wand to heal it. When the teeth are fully grown they will spawn ivory replicas of the generals, aiding you in battle, they can be healed when wielding the fairy wand. The ivory orks will only be able to destroy the Fairy Godfather’s shields once all the generals and their orks have been killed. When all his shields are down you can attack him and he will surrender, then speak to him.

9. A short cutscene ensues where the Fairy Godfather is sucked into the rift and the rift explodes despite the attempts by the fairies to close it. The Fairy Queen teleports everyone back to Resistance HQ and gives you a magic watering can and the ability to use fairy rings without a staff. She then offers to teleport you to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village. Speak to him to complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift

Extra Info

* The magic watering can acts as a normal watering can but never needs to be filled. When used on allotment and flower patches it lowers the chance of them getting diseased for their current stage of growth. The magic watering can may also be stored with tool leprechauns which allows you to get another from the Fairy Queen.

* The Zanaris market is where the dragon daggers and longswords are sold. You are now exempt from paying the fee of one uncut diamond to enter.

Hidden Rewards

* After completing the quest speak to Martin the Master Gardener to find out that as thanks for your help, the gardeners at every farming patch are willing to rake your patches. To enable this talk to any gardeners by a farming patch.

* Mine the rubble north of the fairy ring ALP to unlock a shortcut to Jiggig.

* The mushrooms southeast of the fairy ring ALP can be searched to find free herbs. It required 85 herblore and you will receive 7 grimy ranarr, 7 grimy cadantine, 7 grimy dwarf weed, 2 ranarr seeds, 2 dwarf weed seeds, and 3 cadantine seeds.

* A shortcut to the Ape Atoll agility course can be unlocked near the CLR fairy ring by unblocking the log to the east.

* A shortcut to Mos Le'Harmless can be made by fixing the bridge on the island where K'Chunk was (fairy ring DIP) and the bridge on the Mos Le'Harmless side. A hammer, 8 normal planks and 16 nails of any type are needed to complete the repairs.

* An eternal fire can be lit on the island where K'Chunk was (fairy ring DIP). It requires 85 Firemaking and 8 willow logs.

* The Tooth Fairy will now buy Suqah teeth from you for 2000 GP each. She also buys other teeth for lower prices.

* You can receive a Milk Tooth Creature pet providing you give the Tooth Fairy the following teeth:
o A Human tooth - found searching the bunk beds in Gertrude's house, west of Varrock.
o Kebbit teeth - gotten by hunting Sabre-toothed kebbits northeast of Rellekka. 51 Hunter, a knife and logs are needed.
o Monkey dentures - can be bought from Tutab on Ape Atoll for 10 gp. You must be wielding a monkey greegree.
o Old tooth - found by digging at the Digsite east of Varrock. A Rock pick, trowel, specimen jar, and specimen brush is required.
o A Suqah tooth - gotten as a drop from killing Suqahs on Lunar Isle.

Note that the Milk tooth creature is fed using buckets of milk.

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Buyers and Cellars Quest Guide (Thieving Guild)

Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves Guild) Guide

Items needed:

1.)Speak to Darren Lightfinger In the house north of Lumbridge Furnace. Hes in the trapdoor by the house.
2.) Run South back to lumbridge castle grounds and speak to Chief Robin who located on the South wall of Lumbridge castle.
3.)Go south into the Lumbridge swamp and find Father Uhrney in his hut that's just west of the mine.
4.) Go back to the Lumbridge castle and talk to Chief Robin again. Robin the tells you to distract Father Uhrney by setting a fire outside of his window.
5.)So go back to Father Uhrneys house light a fire under a window then go in and talk to him. Say Nice Chalice. THen choose the Fire Fire! option. Then pickpocket him
6.) Grab the chalice and take it back to Darren North of Lumbridge Furnace.
Quest Complete


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Been So busy

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been extremely busy with school, work, and the family. I shall be updating soon soo keep looking out. I'm coming up with updated Boss guides, a Barrows Guide, Some Skill guides, and some other random guides. I also found a pretty cool website you should check out. It's not the greatest but it's just starting out. Gamewisdom Features Xbox360 Cheats, Gaming news, trailers,screenshots, and reviews. Anyways Happy scaping and keep comin over to look for new guides.. See ya

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Runescape Halloween 2009 Event Guide

I'm not a big fan of the Holiday events and this is one of the worse I've seen yet. Plus the Queen spider is a racist:
Queen Spider a racist
Requirements: Nothing
Rewards: A Cape made of Spider Webs (lame)
and Eek The Spider (bah)
Runescape Web Cloak

1.) Teleport to Falador and go out the southern entrance and keep going south until you see the portal. Enter It.
2.) Talk to the Grim Reaper in the center of the main room and he will tell you he has a spider in his tub.
3.) Find the stairs and go up them and then go talk to the spider in the tub.
4.) The spider will tell you the Queen Spider sent him there.
5.) Go talk to the Grim Reaper, He will open a portal to the Queen spider's world.
6.) You will enter the portal and be taken to a sort of spider maze. Here Everyones path is different. It will help if you keep a map as you try to get through the maze. Because if you fail you will be brought back to the beginning
7.) Once you reach the staircase you will be brought to a different part of the maze.. This i don't think you can fail so just keep exploring until you get to another ladder.
8.) Here you will find the Spider Herald. Say death sent you and he will send you upstairs to talk to the queen.
9.) Talk to the queen and she will give you Eek The spider to Help you Web up the Grim Reapers House.
10.) Head back to the grim reaper and speak to him.
11.) Now go room by room webbing everything up.
12.) in one room y ou will encounter a skeleton dog. When you click on him try to entertain him. Then after entertaining him show Eek The spider to him and then you should be able to web the room.
13.) After webbing all the rooms speak to the Grim reaper. Then enter the portal and you will be sent back to the queens room. Speak to the queen she will give you the cloak and then Eek will say he wants to go with you. Congrats you finnished another lame Event!

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy plus I'm about to re-locate this to a better site, with better guides and organization.

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Fur 'N' Seek Quest Guide

Fur 'n' Seek
Difficulty Level: Medium

Start Location: Talk to the Odd Old Man near the Limestone Mine west of Paterdomus.

Quests: Rag and Bone Man
Skills: 25 Slayer and a combat of around 50
Items: Tinderbox, 8 Logs, 9 Bags of Salt, Mirror Shield

Items: Antipoison Potion, Varrock Teleport/ Kharyrll Teleport/ Digsite Teleport, Camelot Teleport/ Enchanted Lyre Teleport

1. Speak to the Odd Old Man by teleporting to Varrock and walking towards Paterdomus, use an enchanted Ruby Necklace to teleport to the Digsite or a Kharyrll teleport to teleport to Canifis. Agree to helping the Odd Old Man out.

2. The Odd Old Man tells you that there is a Fremminik fur display he wants to have filled and he wants to include these furs:
  • Adult Black Unicorn - North of the Swaying Tree .
  • Adult White Unicorn - West of the Golden Apple tree, above the Log Balance.
  • Hobgoblin - Inside of Relekka, in the northern area near the docks.
  • Fox - Along the river near the bridge to Rellekka.
  • Fenris Wolf - Near the bridge to Rellekka, just west of the path.
  • Adult Grizzly Bear - Along the river near the bridge to Relekka.
  • Cockatrice - Requires Mirror Shield - Slayer Dungeon
  • Cave Crawler - May poison - Slayer Dungeon
  • Stuffed Rock Crab - Just south of the Snowy Hunter Grounds.

3. Now it is time to collect all of these items. Luckily for you they are all around the Rellekka area!
4. Once you have collected the nine hides, you must use a bag of salt on all the items to received salted items and a rock crab carcass.

5. Now that you have all the salted/ scrubbed pelts, furs and carcasses you must tan them. Bring your items to the rag and bone man. Click "Adds-Logs" on the fire pit and then "Stretch-Skin" on the massive ribs. Then light the fire on with your tinderbox.

6. Once you do this with all of the furs (minus the Rock Crab Carcass), give them to the Odd Old Man and he will tell you about the extension quest and give you your reward.

Quest Points: 2
  • 2,500 Hitpoints Experience
  • 2,500 Slayer Experience
  • 1,500 Prayer Experience
  • 500 Crafting Experience
  • 500 Firemaking Experience

Tips, tricks & notes:
  • If you can use a Terrorbird, it will speed things up as it may hold items for you and can restore you energy 33% by using just one scroll!
  • You may kills any of these animals in Gieilinor, not just the ones around Relekka (i.e., a white unicorn south of Varrock or black unicorns in the Wilderness north of Edgeville).

Fur 'n' Seek Guide Coming Soon!

Fur N Seek

The Odd Old Man is again in need of a hand, but this time it’s not all going to be about bones. Apparently, he has new needs that will require adventurers to seek the hides, pelts and skins of creatures commonly found in the Fremennik Province.

Players will be able to allow the Odd Old Man to take his plan fur-ther. More experienced players will then be able to help him the rest of the way, getting extra rewards and uncovering the truth behind one of RuneScape’s most guarded secrets – just what is in that mumbling bonesack?

Mod Maylea
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Fur 'n' Seek:
Speak to the Odd Old Man near his shack between Varrock and Paterdomus.

Requirements to complete Fur 'n' Seek:
25 Slayer
An advised combat level of 50
Must have completed Rag and Bone Man (the quest, not the wish list)

In other news...

For those of you who might have missed it last week, we reintroduced some features to the Grand Exchange section of the website, including a 30-day average line to the graphs.

Berserker ring can now be imbued by Mobilising Armies officers, just like the other Fremennik rings.